Friday, May 18, 2018

#painterhacks Part Two

Last month we introduced a brand new series here on the Dynasty blog: #painterhacks--in which artists share clever tips and tricks to make life in the studio a little easier. We are excited to bring you two more hacks from artists just like you who are using Dynasty brushes. 

Our first #painterhack comes from Marika Moretti of Marika Country Designs"Even if I use what for me is the best liner, Dynasty Black Gold 20/0 script, sometimes I don't get the lines I want. When I make mistakes, it’s quite difficult to take them away... Water or baby wipes work great to remove wrong floats, but a simple rubber eraser is a super good tool to help you with wrong lines! Just make sure to wet your eraser first and start rubbing the surface! This is the result of the first step on a wood surface. No more worries about getting bad line strokes!!!"

Photo appears courtesy of Marika Country Designs

Thanks for the #painterhack, Marika! Want to see more of Marika's work? 

As painters we know that making our art not only requires prep time, but also a lot of clean up. If you are painting in a classroom or shared studio situation, the line for the sink can be really long as everyone attempts to clean up at the same time. Our next #painterhack comes from artist Debbie James. "I prefer to clean my brushes at home after a class. When I'm finished painting I dress my brushes in extender. This will keep the paint open until I get home. Works really well!" Extender keeps the paint wet for easy clean up at your own place.

Thanks for the tip, Debbie! You see more of Debbie's work on her Facebook page.

If you have a short-cut or a painting tip to share, please get in touch with us here on the blog, on our Facebook page, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Society of Decorative Painters conference 2018

Are you ready to head Back to the Beach? Join some of our Dynasty Artists at the 46th annual Society of Decorative Painters Conference and Expo in Daytona Beach, May 8-12, 2018 at the Ocean Center! 

The Dynasty Designers will be set up at booth #210 doing some fun "Make It Take It" (MITI) projects featuring Dynasty brushes May 10-12. Join Sandy, Jill, Marianne, Theresa, Annamarie as they show you what Dynasty brushes can add to your work. Hope to see you there!

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**And we are still looking for more #painterhacks so if you have a cool painting tip or studio secret to share, let us know! We will feature you and your hack on our next blog post!**

Friday, April 20, 2018


Presenting our first ever post on #painterhacks: tips and tricks to make painting and life in the studio a little easier! 

Our first #painterhack comes from narrative painter Christine Mercer-Vernon--who uses Glad Press'n Seal in her studio. "I use it to seal my palette pressing all air out around my paint. It usually extends my paint another day or two, sometimes more depending on the color. I can mix paint at night, seal my palette then start right in the next morning.🙌" Christine was also featured here on the blog a few years ago. You can revisit Karyn's article with her here

Thanks for your tip, Christine! Other ways to connect with Christine and her work: 
Twitter: @christinemv
Instagram: @christinemvstudio
Patreon: /christinemv

Our next #painterhack comes from Grand Rapids, MI based artist Dillon Pringle

Image from artist Dillon Pringle.

"To get really thin, clean lines - I use a script liner by Dynasty. First, make sure your paint is the right consistency. Too thick, and it won't glide underneath your brush, too thin - and it might puddle and soften as it dries." Dillon goes on to say that consistency is really the key to getting the thin lines you want. "I'd say the viscosity of a milkshake is perfect. Then, make sure to fill your script liner with as much paint as it will hold, while maintaining its shape. Next, carefully wipe off any excess paint on the edge of your palette or paper towel." As with a lot of techniques, Dillon says that it takes some practice. "Practice makes perfect of course, but I've found this method to be the best for getting crisp, ultra thin strokes."

Interested in trying Dillon's technique yourself? You can find a variety of script liners on the Dynasty website

Thanks to Dillon for sharing his process! Other ways to connect with Dillon and his work:
Facebook: Dillon Pringle Art 

Instagram: @dillonpringle 

More #painterhacks to come in a future blog post! If you have a clever way to make an artist's life just a little easier, please reach out to us here in the comment or via direct message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We very much want to make this a regular feature. 

And if you try one of these hacks in your studio, let us know how they work for you!