Friday, March 20, 2020

Dynasty Retailer Spotlight: Mack Brush

We are happy to welcome Mack Brush to the Dynasty family of retailers! Established in Jonesville, Michigan in 1891, Mack Brush has a long history of providing high quality brushes to artists and craftsmen. Owner Chris Fast told us a little more about the company.

*As of this posting (12:00pm EST on Friday, March 20, 2020) Mack Brush is still fulfilling online orders during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check their website for the most up to date information.*

Chris's father, Jon M. (Mike) Fast, purchased the company in 1960 while he was still in college.Historically, Andrew Mack and Son Brush Company has long been a purveyor of brushes and supplies for sign painters, pinstrippers, industrial and the automotive painting market. 

Mack pinstripe panel, circa 1900
"We are trying to expand into the traditional art field with the Dynasty line," says Chris. 

But no matter what the product, Chris emphasizes the importance of customer service to his company. "My main goal is for my company to give the best possible customer service. Over the top, put a smile on the face of every customer--customer service!" says Chris.

Much like our parent company F.M. Brush, family is at the heart of Mack Brush---from Andrew Mack and his son, Glenwood, and then to Mike Fast and his son, Chris. When you are supporting Dynasty Brush and Mack Brush you are supporting hardworking, family businesses. 

Chris and Mike Fast

Interested in placing an order with Mack Brush? You can do so a few different ways:

Order directly from the website:
Call to place your order: (517) 849-9272

A big thank you to Chris Fast, owner, for his help with this feature. For a more in depth dive into the history of Mack Brush, be sure to check out their website

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Friday, March 6, 2020

Painting on Denim with Dynasty Artist Tracy Weinzapfel

Do you always find yourself painting on the same sort of surface? Here is something that may take you out of your creative comfort zone--painting on denim! Dynasty Artist Tracy Weinzapfel recently talked with us about how she has ventured into making art that you can wear!
Dynasty Artist Tracy Weinzapfel 

What made you want to try painting on denim and what was your first denim project?  
"I live to love what I do. I was just about to throw out an old pair of pants and I decided why not upcycle them and paint some of my fun whimsical designs on them. I did not have any expectations of how they would turn out and also wondered how a 49 year old woman would look in them. I totally enjoyed the creative process and decided this was perfect for me. The result was amazing and I just love them again! They are a billboard of sorts for being an artist and art teacher. I recently wore them to Creative Painting in Las Vegas and was stopped by so many people at the show and on the Las Vegas strip asking about them." 

How does painting on denim compare to painting on other surfaces? 
"Fabrics such as denim are more three dimensional than say a canvas or art journal. Sometimes you have to manipulate to keep the fabric smooth while you are painting. In this case, I cut cardboard boxes the width of the legs to keep a smooth surface. Also, fabrics are more absorbent so that is why it is important to have the right tools for the right job such as awesome Dynasty Brushes and paints made for fabric."

Jacket painted by Tracy Weinzapfel
Do you need to prewash the denim prior to painting on it? 
"These jeans were used and worn so I did not have to pre-wash as you would new materials. I do recommend pre-washing any fabrics that you paint. I also recommend following the fabric paint directions on the bottle as all paints vary."

What special tools or paints do you use for your denim pieces?
"I used DecoArt SoSoft fabric paints which are great. They dry soft and pliable vs. a standard acrylic paint that would be hard and would crack. I also used my Dynasty Black Silver and Faux Sable brushes. The rest was done freehand I kept my drawings fun and easy."

Other news from Tracy:
"I also had the opportunity to teach a denim painting class in February at one of my local wineries. 20 students join me for an afternoon of painting and wine. I captured that fun here:

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Our thanks to Tracy for sharing her expertise with us! To learn more about Tracy and all of our Dynasty Artists, please visit our website