Dynasty Retailer Spotlight: Mack Brush

We are happy to welcome Mack Brush to the Dynasty family of retailers! Established in Jonesville, Michigan in 1891, Mack Brush has a long history of providing high quality brushes to artists and craftsmen. Owner Chris Fast told us a little more about the company.

*As of this posting (12:00pm EST on Friday, March 20, 2020) Mack Brush is still fulfilling online orders during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check their website for the most up to date information.*

Chris's father, Jon M. (Mike) Fast, purchased the company in 1960 while he was still in college.Historically, Andrew Mack and Son Brush Company has long been a purveyor of brushes and supplies for sign painters, pinstrippers, industrial and the automotive painting market. 

Mack pinstripe panel, circa 1900
"We are trying to expand into the traditional art field with the Dynasty line," says Chris. 

But no matter what the product, Chris emphasizes the importance of customer service to his company. "My main goal is for my company to give the best possible customer service. Over the top, put a smile on the face of every customer--customer service!" says Chris.

Much like our parent company F.M. Brush, family is at the heart of Mack Brush---from Andrew Mack and his son, Glenwood, and then to Mike Fast and his son, Chris. When you are supporting Dynasty Brush and Mack Brush you are supporting hardworking, family businesses. 

Chris and Mike Fast

Interested in placing an order with Mack Brush? You can do so a few different ways:

Order directly from the website: mackbrush.com
Call to place your order: (517) 849-9272
Email: [email protected]

A big thank you to Chris Fast, owner, for his help with this feature. For a more in depth dive into the history of Mack Brush, be sure to check out their website

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