Friday, September 21, 2018

New England Traditions GIVEAWAY!

The first day of fall is almost upon us and soon we will get to experience all the beautiful foliage Massachusetts has to offer as we travel to the New England Traditions painting retreat in October. We will have a few special Tricks and Treats available at booth 13 including a GIVEWAY! 

Be sure to sign up for our raffle! One lucky artist will win a prize package that includes a variety of Dynasty brushes and a selection of DecoArt Stylin' multi-surface fashion acrylic paints! 

So be sure to visit us in booth 13 at the New England Traditions paint retreat in Marlborough, MA, October 2-7, 2018 at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel. And don't forget to take a photo while you are there! 

Greg and Veronica getting our booth decor ready!
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Friday, September 7, 2018

#howdoyoudynasty Summer Recap and Upcoming Events

Can you believe that in a few short weeks fall will finally be here? It has been quite a summer and so many of you have shared so many of your wonderful painting projects with us: summer sunsets, beach scenes, animals, and lots and lots of flowers!

This summer we ran a special series on the blog called #howdoyoudynasty, which focused on broadening our horizons--taking our brushes off of canvas and paper and trying our hand at painting other alternative materials. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Making Found Furniture Fabulous: #howdoyoudynasty with Dynasty Artist Deb Antonick

Next up in our summer series #howdoyoudynasty is Dynasty Artist Deb Antonick

Dynasty Artist Deb Antonick

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Deb is one of the founding members of Painting With Friends with Terrye French. As a Dynasty Artist and a DecoArt Helping Artist, Deb's work has been published in many art outlets. As of this week, you can find Deb's work in the FREE ebook 30+ Fashion Painting Ideas with DecoArt Stylin' along side projects by Dynasty Artists Jill FitzhenrySandy McTier, and Tracy Moreau

Deb is a woman of many talents, but the focus of our interview is Deb's experience painting off the canvas--today we are talking about painting furniture!

Our questions appear in bold, Deb's answers follow. All photos used appear courtesy of the artist.

What is your approach to painting furniture? And how do you go about picking pieces?

"When I am painting furniture, I look for older, sturdy pieces. I love to turn something old into something new. Personally, I like eclectic, I like pieces to go together, but not necessarily all the same. The fun is finding the pieces. Thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and back alley finds are my favorite.

In today’s age and as a long-time collector of Decorative Painting/Tole painting surfaces, I am finding many alternative uses for the larger surfaces, such as cabinets and benches. These make great home décor projects with all the new products available for DIY."

Is your approach to painting furniture different than your other painting work? 

"Not really, other than the pieces being on a larger scale, I approach the furniture pieces in the same way as I would any surface. I think about the functionality of the piece and where it will go. Do I want to stencil or paint a design? Sometimes the size and or shape tells me exactly what it needs. In the past I used to refurbish children’s furniture for craft sales. I am using all the latest DecoArt Americana Décor paints for all my furniture/décor pieces."

How much prep do you do to each piece prior to painting?

"If the furniture is older and marked, I will wash with TSP (editor's note: TSP is tri-sodium phosphate cleaner), then sand. If the pieces are easy to take apart, I will do that as well.
All the Décor paints I am currently using are self-sealing and require nothing more that cleaning and sanding. If I want to paint a design onto an existing finished surface, I may apply a brush coat of DecoArt All Purpose Sealer or Gesso to the design area before painting, then varnish to protect the design when complete."

What are your preferred brushes for these projects?

"I am just in love with the Dynasty Blue Ice brushes for all my larger furniture pieces. The brush is just sturdy enough to move the paint and the soft tips are just soft enough to gently smooth out the paint where it has been applied, this allows even application of paint, and in most cases, in one coat. For smaller projects, my favorite go to brush is the Dynasty Eye of the Tiger ¾” and 1”. I cannot say enough about this little brush, I use it to get into smaller areas and my decorative painting projects as it is affordable and long lasting."

By Dynasty Artist Deb Antonick
By Dynasty Artist Deb Antonick
By Dynasty Artist Deb Antonick

Would you like the opportunity to paint with Deb? She will be at three upcoming conventions. You can find details here

If you would like to follow Deb and her work, here are all the ways you can connect with her:

Facebook, personal:
Facebook Page:

We hope you are enjoying this special summer blog series about how artists are using Dynasty brushes on alternative surfaces. If you want to be included, summer isn't over yet so get in touch! Tag your photos on social media #howdoyoudynasty or message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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Friday, August 3, 2018

The Brush Guys' Deal of the Week!

Our friends at The Brush Guys have a Deal of the Week featuring our Black Gold and Black Silver brushes!

You can find a wide array of Dynasty brushes available on The Brush Guys website and be sure to follow them on Facebook so you can be the first to know about other exciting Dynasty Brush offers!

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Join Dynasty Brush at these events!

Can you believe that 2018 is more than half over?! Do not fret--there is still plenty of time to paint with Dynasty Brush at a variety of conventions, conferences, and trade shows this year!

Quickly approaching is the Heart of Ohio Tole (HOOT) conference taking place in Columbus, OH August 7-11, 2018. Click here for more information

Next up is the New England Traditions convention taking place October 2-7, 2018 in Marlborough, MA. Click here for more information

The New York State Art Teachers Association Conference in Buffalo, NY November 16-18, 2018. Open to art educators only. Click here for more information

If you are attending one of these events, let us know on the Events tab of our Facebook page. Visit out booth--we'd love to meet you! Check the Events tab on our FB page often as we may be adding more events before the year is over. 

And as always, if you would like to learn more about our business and our brushes, please visit our website

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Taking handbags from "drab to fab:" #howdoyoudynasty with Sandy McTier

Greetings, painters and creators! Recently we introduced a special feature for the summer called #howdoyoudynasty in which we highlight artists making magic with Dynasty brushes this season. No canvas? No problem! We want to see the full extent of how our brushes help you reach your artistic best--no matter what surface you are painting.

First up in our summer spotlight is Dynasty Artist Sandy McTier of Sandy McTier Designs

Sandy McTier of Sandy McTier Designs
Currently based in Georgia, Sandy is a DecoArt Helping Artist and Chartpak Ambassador, a published designer, and an instructor takes her methods on the road to artists here in the US as well as internationally. In fact, as of this posting, Sandy is busy sharing her skills with the Decorative Artists of Western Nassau on Long Island, NY.

Sandy paints on a variety of surfaces--everything from journals to glassware to shoes--making her the perfect candidate for our #howdoyoudynasty summer feature. Today we are talking are talking with Sandy about painting handbags! 

Handbag painted by Sandy McTier, inspired by the dress worn by Lady Spencer at the recent royal wedding.
Our questions appear in bold, Sandy's answers follow. All photos used appear courtesy of the artist. 
What motivated you to go from painting on more traditional surfaces to handbags?

"I am always motivated to try new products and brushes to see what they can do! DecoArt recently came out with Stylin paints that can be used on many different surfaces! I love painting on a variety of surfaces and have to admit, I tend to get bored if I stick with one for too long. So, when the new paint was released, I went on the hunt at thrift shops and Goodwill stores to see what I could take from drab to fab!"

What sort of prep is involved in painting a purse? Does the material it is made out of matter?

"I simply used a damp cloth with a little dish soap on it to clean the purse thoroughly. Rinsed the cloth, wiped it over the purse and then dried it with a soft cloth. As far as the material goes, the paint is made for leather, faux leather, vinyl, canvas, etc. I also recently painted on tennis shoes that were a leather/fabric mix and the paint brushed and covered beautifully on the fabric as well."

Painted by Sandy McTier. Instructions for this project will soon be available through
How do you come up with your designs? 

"The honest answer is--I don't know. I don't have a formula perse from start to finish on how I want to design something. I've been fortunate to have many of my designs and best ideas come to me in my dreams at night. For the most part though, I sit down with a surface, a medium I want to use, and just start creating. I love the intuitive part of creating and tweaking as I go along to get to a final design and product!"

What inspires you?

"Everything inspires me! Nature, flowers, color, paints and my brushes all inspire me to create! I love taking reference pictures of flowers, buildings, wrought iron, butterflies, birds, and so much more. Many times, I'll sit down to paint a flower and then remember that I took hundreds of photos of that flower. Then I'm able to look through them to see how the petals are formed, how they lay, coloring, etc. However, I've found that if I look through too many pictures, Pinterest, etc. it fills my head with too much and often times keeps me from just creating." 

What brushes work best for this kind of project?

"I love using the Black Gold line by Dynasty. The Flat Washes work great for 'slip-slapping' (a technical term--LOL!) paint over the surface. These brushes are perfect for applying the paint and leaving very few if any brush strokes. Then I switch to my Black Gold Shaders, Angles, Rounds and Liners for the design and details.

I also love to use stamps on my purses and the Dynasty IPC Large Foam Sponge painter is perfect for applying paint to the stamp. Adding dots to your design is made easier using the Dynasty Small Detailer Foam." 

As we can see by Sandy's examples, with the right tools and a little imagination, an artist can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary! Be sure to catch her classes if she comes to a convention or workshop near you! 

If you are interested in learning more about Sandy and her work, please visit the following links:

Sandy's website:
Sandy's blog:
Sandy McTier Designs on Facebook:

If you would like to participate in the #howdoyoudynasty series, let us know! Comment here, message us on Facebook, or post your work to social media with the hashtag #howdoyoudynasty to get in touch! 

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Friday, June 15, 2018

How do YOU Dynasty?

If you follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) you know that we LOVE to see what artists all over the world are painting with Dynasty brushes. This summer we want to know... 

We want to see you, your work, and your favorite Dynasty brush(es) on all of our social media accounts. Not just photos but videos too! Show us how you use Dynasty brushes to paint portraits, stencil patterns, paint faces, refinish furniture--the list is endless! Do you paint with friends? Send us a photo of your whole gang painting with our brushes! Share a photo or video with us from now through August 31, 2018 using the special hashtag #howdoyouDynasty.  We will feature our favorite posts from the summer in a special blog feature on September 7, 2018. 

Thanks for participating and we can't wait to see #howdoyouDynasty!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Save the Date: Tracy Moreau at Jerry's Artist Outlet!

Happy June, painters! We are so excited to announce that Dynasty Artist Tracy Moreau of Tracy Moreau Designs will be doing another in-store demonstration for us this month! 
Image from artist Tracy Moreau
You may remember that last fall Tracy came out to Artist and Craftsman Supply Park Slope and to Jerry's Artist Outlet to meet artists, store staff, and to show everyone what a great addition Dynasty is to an artist's studio. This time, Tracy will appear all day--demonstrating DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics and Dynasty brushes in the morning and working with DecoArt Americana Decor line of chalky finish paints in the afternoon. Sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday!

Saturday, June 16, 2018
10:00am to 7:00pm

495 Prospect Ave.
West Orange, NJ 07052

(973) 669-0995
**be sure to call ahead to reserve a spot for these hands-on opportunities!**

Hope to see you there! 

Interested in attending? Let us know over on our Facebook page for the event! 

Want to learn more about what Jerry's has to offer? Check out our retailer spotlight post about Jerry's here

And as always, if you are trying to decide what Dynasty brush is right for you be sure to head over to our website!

Friday, May 18, 2018

#painterhacks Part Two

Last month we introduced a brand new series here on the Dynasty blog: #painterhacks--in which artists share clever tips and tricks to make life in the studio a little easier. We are excited to bring you two more hacks from artists just like you who are using Dynasty brushes. 

Our first #painterhack comes from Marika Moretti of Marika Country Designs"Even if I use what for me is the best liner, Dynasty Black Gold 20/0 script, sometimes I don't get the lines I want. When I make mistakes, it’s quite difficult to take them away... Water or baby wipes work great to remove wrong floats, but a simple rubber eraser is a super good tool to help you with wrong lines! Just make sure to wet your eraser first and start rubbing the surface! This is the result of the first step on a wood surface. No more worries about getting bad line strokes!!!"

Photo appears courtesy of Marika Country Designs

Thanks for the #painterhack, Marika! Want to see more of Marika's work? 

As painters we know that making our art not only requires prep time, but also a lot of clean up. If you are painting in a classroom or shared studio situation, the line for the sink can be really long as everyone attempts to clean up at the same time. Our next #painterhack comes from artist Debbie James. "I prefer to clean my brushes at home after a class. When I'm finished painting I dress my brushes in extender. This will keep the paint open until I get home. Works really well!" Extender keeps the paint wet for easy clean up at your own place.

Thanks for the tip, Debbie! You see more of Debbie's work on her Facebook page.

If you have a short-cut or a painting tip to share, please get in touch with us here on the blog, on our Facebook page, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Society of Decorative Painters conference 2018

Are you ready to head Back to the Beach? Join some of our Dynasty Artists at the 46th annual Society of Decorative Painters Conference and Expo in Daytona Beach, May 8-12, 2018 at the Ocean Center! 

The Dynasty Designers will be set up at booth #210 doing some fun "Make It Take It" (MITI) projects featuring Dynasty brushes May 10-12. Join Sandy, Jill, Marianne, Theresa, Annamarie as they show you what Dynasty brushes can add to your work. Hope to see you there!

Want to learn more about our brushes? Visit our website

**And we are still looking for more #painterhacks so if you have a cool painting tip or studio secret to share, let us know! We will feature you and your hack on our next blog post!**

Friday, April 20, 2018


Presenting our first ever post on #painterhacks: tips and tricks to make painting and life in the studio a little easier! 

Our first #painterhack comes from narrative painter Christine Mercer-Vernon--who uses Glad Press'n Seal in her studio. "I use it to seal my palette pressing all air out around my paint. It usually extends my paint another day or two, sometimes more depending on the color. I can mix paint at night, seal my palette then start right in the next morning.🙌" Christine was also featured here on the blog a few years ago. You can revisit Karyn's article with her here

Thanks for your tip, Christine! Other ways to connect with Christine and her work: 
Twitter: @christinemv
Instagram: @christinemvstudio
Patreon: /christinemv

Our next #painterhack comes from Grand Rapids, MI based artist Dillon Pringle

Image from artist Dillon Pringle.

"To get really thin, clean lines - I use a script liner by Dynasty. First, make sure your paint is the right consistency. Too thick, and it won't glide underneath your brush, too thin - and it might puddle and soften as it dries." Dillon goes on to say that consistency is really the key to getting the thin lines you want. "I'd say the viscosity of a milkshake is perfect. Then, make sure to fill your script liner with as much paint as it will hold, while maintaining its shape. Next, carefully wipe off any excess paint on the edge of your palette or paper towel." As with a lot of techniques, Dillon says that it takes some practice. "Practice makes perfect of course, but I've found this method to be the best for getting crisp, ultra thin strokes."

Interested in trying Dillon's technique yourself? You can find a variety of script liners on the Dynasty website

Thanks to Dillon for sharing his process! Other ways to connect with Dillon and his work:
Facebook: Dillon Pringle Art 

Instagram: @dillonpringle 

More #painterhacks to come in a future blog post! If you have a clever way to make an artist's life just a little easier, please reach out to us here in the comment or via direct message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We very much want to make this a regular feature. 

And if you try one of these hacks in your studio, let us know how they work for you!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Looking for your best #painterhacks!

Have you perfected the fastest method for applying gesso to stretched canvas? Maybe you discovered the best way to prevent your tubes of paint from getting gunky around the cap? Do you have the ideal way to organize and display your Dynasty brushes? We want to know your best tips and tricks for making life as a painter easier!

Share your studio secrets with us! There are TWO ways to share with us:

1. Share a photo or video describing your hack on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Be sure to tag Dynasty Brush and use both the #dynastybrush and #painterhacks hashtags. 

2. Mention your bright idea in the comments below and our Social Media Coordinator with be in touch to learn more!

We hope to gather a collection of the most clever ideas for a future blog post, so stay tuned and get hacking! 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Mid-March Update

March is half over and spring is *almost* here--and some of us are really ready to wrap up winter and welcome warmer weather! Here is a mid-month update about a few of our projects:

  • As we mentioned in our last blog post, Dynasty is still looking to engage with K-12 art educators who use our brushes in their classroom. If you are interested in talking to us about your work, please comment here or sent us a direct message on our Facebook page
  • Finally, what would you like to see more of on our blog? Interviews? Projects? Retailers? Artwork? We would love to learn more about what you want! Let us know!
  • And as always, you can find information about our vast variety of brushes on the Dynasty Brush website

Friday, March 2, 2018

March is Youth Art Month

From our Social Media Coordinator, Lori...

My eight year old son recently came home from school and rattled off a long list of facts about Andy Warhol. 

Surprised, I asked, "How do you know who Andy Warhol is?!"

"We are learning about him in art class!," he said excitedly.

We then preceded to talk about soup cans, how screen printing works and how that relates to what he is working on in art class. We decided to take a family trip to the Andy Warhol Museum the following weekend. There, we talked about what art is, what art can be, and how art makes us feel. My kids even pulled their own screen prints in the museum "Factory." 

This was all because my son's art teacher engaged my son and his classmates in her classroom.

Dynasty Brush is a strong supporter of art education and is a member of the National Art Education Association, the New York State Art Teachers Association, the Art Educators of New Jersey, and the Texas Art Education Association. March is Youth Art Month, a national program created by The Council for Art Education. According the the National Art Education Association Youth Art Month website, "The program provides a medium for recognizing skills developed through visual arts experiences unlike any other curriculum subjects, including: Problem solving, Creativity, Observation, Communication."

Are you an art educator who uses Dynasty brushes with your students in the classroom? If so, I would love to talk to you about your work, your students' projects and possibly feature you here on the blog! Leave a comment below or send a direct message to our Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. 

And as always, if you would like to learn more about our wide variety of artist brushes and discover where you can find them near you, be sure to visit our website

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Creative Painting 2018

In just a few days, we are packing up our brushes and hitting the road! The Dynasty Brush team is heading to sunny Las Vegas for Creative Painting!

Located at the Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort, February 25 through March 2, 2018, this year's Creative Painting event will include our Dynasty Artists Sandy McTier, Deb Antonick, and Tracy Moreau and one of our Dynasty Brush retailers, The Brush Guys

Come see us at booth 707 on the Tropicana Pavilion exhibit floor (you can find The Brush Guys at booth 704.) Take a photo of yourself at our booth and post it to social media with the hashtag #dynastybrushinvegas--we may just share your photo on our social media sites!

We can't wait to see you! 

You can follow along on our Creative Painting Vegas adventure by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

And as always, you can find just the right paintbrush for you on our website

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Our Trip to Jerry's Artist Outlet

Back in December, we introduced you to one of our retailers--Jerry's Artist Outlet in West Orange, NJ (here's a link to that blog post in case you missed it!) Last September Dynasty Artist Tracy Moreau along with some of the Dynasty and FM Brush family spent some time at Jerry's meeting their staff and artists. Here is a peek inside our day at Jerry's...

Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet? You can meet our artists, explore a variety of our brushes, and discover new painting projects all while watching videos and tutorials on your computer, tablet or phone!  

Did you like this post? What other kinds of videos would you like to see here? Let us know! Comment below or on our Facebook page 👍

Thursday, January 18, 2018

CREATIVATION is happening!

We are in Phoenix, AZ this weekend for Creativation! This trade show brings artists, crafters, designers, hobbyists, and a variety of creative businesses together to network, explore workshops, and discover new products and innovations in an array of creative industries.

Dynasty Brush and FM Brush staff will be there along with a some of our Dynasty Artists. If you are attending, be sure to come by booth 1809 and see us! Snap a photo of you at the booth and share the photo on social media using the tag #dynastybrush or #dynastyatcreativation. We love meeting the artists who are using our brushes, so please stop by and say hi! 

And if you can't make it, we will be at Creative Painting Las Vegas in a few weeks! 

As always, if you would like to learn more about our company, our brushes and our commitment to quality, please visit our website

Friday, January 5, 2018

Welcome 2018: Events For the Year Ahead

Happy New Year, painters! We aren't sure what the weather is like where you are, but 2018 has started off very cold where we are 😬. That has us eagerly looking ahead to warmer temperatures and sunny destinations. 
In just a few weeks, we will be at Creativation in Phoenix, AZ on January 18 through January 22, 2018. Joining us will be Dynasty Artists Sandy McTier and Annamarie Oke.

February 25 through March 2, 2018 we will attending Creative Painting Las Vegas which is "the largest art and painting convention in the west!" Some of our Dynasty Artists will be there along with one of our retailers, The Brush Guys. For a full list of exhibitors, click here

We are looking forward to painting with you (and thawing out!) during the next few months. Check our Facebook page for the latest details about all of our upcoming events. And as always, to learn more about our vast selection of high-quality artist paintbrushes please head to our website