Retailer Spotlight: Artist Elisabetta de Maria

Dynasty is thrilled that Italian Elisabetta De Maria will now be selling our brushes! We asked Elisabetta to tell us a little bit about her life and work--enjoy!

Artist Elisabetta De Maria
Dynasty's questions appear here in bold, Eli's answers follow. All photos appear courtesy of the artist.
Please tell us about your art: How old were you when you started painting? What kinds of paint do you prefer? What is your favorite subject matter to paint?

"I was born in Genova 51 years ago and lived with my parents in Bardonecchia, a beautiful holiday resort located in the Piedmont AlpsSince I was a child, I have cultivated my passion for drawing and painting, so much so that I won the painting contest entitled "A flower in your mouth" sponsored by Colgate brand toothpaste! 

Afterwards, music took over painting and it became my main activity. I graduated in Piano in just 5 years with honors (10/10) at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Turin. I have been teaching piano for 33 years now, preparing my students for the exams to be undertaken in the Conservatory, but my old passion for painting has never left me. The desire to deepen new techniques led me to attend courses with Italian and American painting teachers: the Decorative and the Country Painting take over everything! I do not have a favorite subject to paint. I paint gingers, snowmen,  Santa Claus,  animals,  flowers,  landscapes, pumpkins...In short, I develop a project in my head and I turn it into a painted project! But I can tell you what my favorite surface is: wood!!! I love painting old and worn pieces of wood!

In my projects I only use the Decoart products, in particular the American acrylic colors: they always keep perfect, they never dry up despite the passage of time and they manage to give me an excellent result. Recently I met the Dynasty brushes and I must say that I found they are very high quality, they are really good brushes. Despite the work I submit  them to daily, they remain intact and this is very important for me.

"I have been invited to be part of the American magazines Pixelated PalettePainting EzinePainting Word Magazine and Decorative Painter Magazine and my projects have been included in the Sweet Patoodies Club by Sharon ChinnFrom 2016 my projects are published monthly with great satisfaction and you will see my project in the next issue of Painting Word Magazine." 

Where you are from?
"Currently I live in Puglia, in Salento, where I organize painting courses for children and adults, as well as teaching piano." 

How can artists purchase brushes from you? Do you have any other art items for sale? 
"All my projects are on sale in Sharon Chinn's Decorative Painting Store, in my Etsy shop "Il piccolo mondo di Eli " and on my website. Here you will also find the fantastic range of brushes that I use daily for the creation of my projects. You can buy them by sending me an email at elisabetta[email protected]

In addition to Dynasty brushes, all of my works are for sale. For those who want to buy them, you can send me an email and I will be happy to answer. What I hope, instead, is to raise a smile from those who look at my work, to cheer the soul of people with my music and my paintings--to give a little bit of colour to this world unfortunately so grey."

Welcome to the Dynasty and FM Brush family, Eli! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us! 

If you would like to connect with Eli to learn more about her work, be sure to follow her on Facebook and visit her website.


  1. Fantastic... so nice to learn more about your life and passion for art!


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