Recap: Creativation by NAMTA 2024

We are home from New Orleans, and we are already missing that magnificent city and all our NAMTA colleagues. It was wonderful seeing everyone, catching up with old friends and making new ones!

The Dynasty Brush booth looked spectacular, the graphics designed by Jacqueline Mink highlighted both the journey of the artist and the journey that F.M. Brush has taken in creating new and exciting synthetics that broaden the capabilities of brushes giving the artists a new experience in every brush stroke.

There is no better place to see that diversity than in the sneaker collection that was displayed at Creativation. Different techniques, different mediums, and different styles all combined to create a unique journey that every artist takes towards their destination.

A special thank you to our Dynasty Brand Specialists for joining us on this journey and for sharing their incredible talents with us. Fred Mink, the gentleman who hired me for my position at F.M. Brush and had the heart of an artist, loved nothing more than sharing with and learning from the artists who use Dynasty Brush. His goal was to create the best brush so that the artist could create their best work, job well done!

Happy painting, everyone!

Veronica, Marketing Maven, F.M. Brush Company