Gearing Up for Creativation 2024: Dynasty Brand Specialist Lonna Lamb on The Artist’s Journey Sneaker Design

Continue on The Artist’s Journey with us for this year’s Creativation by NAMTA! We’ve asked several of our Dynasty Brand Specialists to custom-paint sneakers to spotlight our wide selection of artist brushes and they will all be on display at our booth, #842!

In this spotlight, Dynasty Brand Specialist Lonna Lamb shares details about her sneaker design.

We love the sneaker design you created for this year’s Dynasty Brush booth at Creativation by NAMTA! Please tell us the inspiration behind it.
The inspiration for this sneaker design came from my journey in creating art. 

Which Dynasty Brush lines were implemented in the creation of your sneakers? For the decorative shoe (right shoe), I used Black Gold brushes, including the 14 Chisel Blender, 3/8 Angle, 4 Filbert, 6 Chisel Blender, and 20 Shader, as well as the Micron 5/0 X-Long Detail, and 10/0 Detailer.

For the skull shoe (left shoe), I used the Mastodon 1/2" Angle, Black Silver 0 Round, and the Black Gold 20 Shader. 

Why did you choose this color palette for these sneakers and what type of paint did you use? I chose these colors because they represent creativity and playfulness- creating art shouldn't be cookie-cutter!

The medium used on both shoes is acrylic paint, with neon acrylic used on the skull shoe, all by DecoArt Products. I also used a Deli Mate Permanent Acid-Free Black pen on the skull shoe.

If you could dress someone in these sneakers, who would that person be and where would they wear them? The shoes, even though they are child-sized, were painted for me! I love painted shoes and love showing my artwork any way I can- what better way to do that than wearing it?