Dynasty Retailer Spotlight: Art Primo

 Our Dynasty Brush retailer family has a new member: Art Primo!

Art Primo store front located at 415 E. Pine Street, Seattle, Washington

Art Primo started as an online store in 2002. In 2014 they opened a physical storefront in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. 

To learn more about Art Primo and all of the art supplies that they offer, we asked Art Primo staffer Victoria a few questions about the store and its history. Our questions appear in bold, Victoria's answers are in italics

Tell our readers a little bit about the history of the store... 

"Our online shop was founded in 2002 with the belief that behind every revolution is an artistic movement. We’re committed to sourcing unique, high-quality art supplies and tools to empower artists. Together, we can change the world. Our Cap Hill location opened in October 201 and we’ve been happily serving Seattle’s creative community ever since!"

Does Art Primo cater to a particular kind of artist? 

"We specialize in niche art supplies for muralists and graffiti artists- and we cater to anyone interested in art and self-expression at any level. From a wide selection of caps to imported European spray paint, rare markers from Japan to metallic AP Solids made especially for us--we have it all."

Does the store have artists on staff?

"All of our employees are artists and/or creatives. We’re happy to share our expertise and make product recommendations to anyone and everyone." 

What Dynasty brushes does Art Primo carry?

"Currently, we offer the full-line assortment of Dynasty’s Urban FX brushes. They’ve been a hit with local muralists and street artists thanks to their durability and quality."

How is Art Primo active in the local art community?

"We consider ourselves an active part of Seattle’s art community. From free, monthly Sip-n-Sketch nights at the restaurant across from our shop, to art shows and sponsoring local graffiti jams, we do it all. Earlier this year, we even collaborated with Urban Art Works to build a free painting wall at the South Park Skatepark, so neighborhood youth can practice aerosol art in a clean, safe environment." 

Many thanks to Victoria for answering our questions and for providing all of the photos for this piece. If you are in the Seattle area, be sure to stop in to the Art Primo store. And if Art Primo is not in your neck of the woods, definitely check out their website for Dynasty Urban FX brushes as well as a vast selection of mural and street art supplies.
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Have you visited Art Primo Seattle? Have you tried our Urban FX brushes? We'd love to hear about your experience in the comments!