Dynasty Brand Specialists celebrate at the Society of Decorative Painters convention!

In August, artists from all over the world gathered in Las Vegas to take part in the Society of Decorative Painters 50th Anniversary celebration! Held at The Orleans Hotel and Casino, the event featured painting classes as well as a variety of exhibitors on the expo floor. 

Jill Fitzhenry in the Dynasty/FM Booth at the Society of Decorative Painters 50th Anniversary celebration in Las Vegas, August 2022. Photo credit: Jilly Fitzhenry

Representing Dynasty and FM Brush were decorative artists and Dynasty Brand Specialists Jill Fitzhenry and Annamarie Oke. We asked Jill and Annamarie to share what their experiences were like at this years convention.

"The amazing Society of Decorative Painters 50th Anniversary and Conference fills me with such heart-warming memories. There were lots of classes plus an Expo filled with things to buy: art supplies, books, videos, pattern packets, surfaces and of course, Dynasty brushes. Members of SDP are a diverse group of art teachers, students, designers, publishers and art supply manufactures. We are truly a family of artists that have made lasting bonds over the years with our passion for art. Education has always been at the forefront and a driving force for SDP. It is a way for all levels of painters to connect and share their knowledge. This includes members from around the globe. Now with the ever advancing technology, we can also communicate through online classes and social media to keep us inspired and moving forward." -- Jill Fitzhenry

Annamarie Oke in the Dynasty/FM Brush booth at the SDP 50th Anniversary convention, photo credit: Jill Fitzhenry
"I am a Canadian...but my best moments are when I cross the border and travel teach. The 50th anniversary was a huge success for the Dynasty booth and for me and Jill! It's been a long time since I have seen a long line at the booths. I was amazed at how people knew me from my demoing the magic in the Dynasty brushes! When I sit down and begin to do the magic it gives me so much creative energy! Without the conventions, people would not know who I am--It gives all of us exposure and to be around our Tribe! My passion is so great for my art that It makes me go forward with great leaps and bounds.

I have been a member of SDP for at least 20 years...loved the magazine. Holding it in your hands and having a coffee as you feel the pages and admire at the beautiful work inside. I travel a long journey to be around MY People! I am not going to let go of that easily! As we get older, we become more hesitant in new adventures! Come On! Let’s dive into this feet first!! Let’s keep our Society alive!" --Annamarie Oke

With everything the world has gone through in the last few years, having the opportunity to travel, gather, and celebrate now feels extra special. Did you go the the SDP convention? Did you stop by the FM Brush booth? We would love to hear about your experience--let us know in the comments!