More Artists Rave About Water Lily by Dynasty!

Praise continues to pour in about our new line of watercolor brushes, Water Lily by Dynasty! Perfect for professional artists and painters, hobbyists, and art journalists this collection of cruelty-free brushes has something for everyone.

By Dynasty Artist Annie Strack, painted with Water Lily

From painter Annie Strack:

"Water Lily by Dynasty Brush is the absolute perfect brush for watercolor painters. It performs like a Kolinsky Sable more than any other synthetic brush I’ve ever used. It’s not that the hairs are softer (which they are) or finer (which they are) but that they are much more absorbent than other synthetics. As a result, they hold much more fluid and allow for long sweeping brushstrokes without having to stop as often to reload the brush like you normally have to do with synthetic brushes. They are soft enough that you can skip across rough paper to let texture show though, and yet they have just the right amount of spring for painting fine lines and details. Because they are synthetic, they hold an incredibly fine point that doesn’t wear down like a natural hair brush. I’ve been waiting a long time for a great vegan alternative to using Kolinsky Sable, and now here it is. It has all the attributes of an expensive natural hair brush, but with the durability and affordability of a synthetic. This is my new ‘go-to' brush, that I’m using in all my paintings."

You can see more of Annie's work on FacebookInstagram, and on her website

By Dynasty Brand Specialist Jill Fitzhenry, painted with Water Lily

From artist and designer Jill Fitzhenery:

"The new Water Lily brushes from Dynasty are so delightful to use. I love the tips on the brushes that allow me to produce a fine line or a broad stroke. I feel so inspired by these beautiful brushes!"

You can see more of Jillybean's work on FacebookInstagram, and on her website

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