Flowers of Hope

In April we decided that our Wednesday #showyourworkwednesday prompts for the month would have a special theme. As a way to spread joy, hope, and unity, we came up with the "Flowers of Hope" initiative. So every Wednesday in April we and our friends at DecoArt encouraged our social media followers to create a rainbow-colored flower and share it with the special hashtag #flowersofhope. 

Examples of Flowers of Hope from our Dynasty Artists and Retailers.
It was incredible to see how artists interpreted the prompt and made their flowers into journal entries, chalk paintings, and traditional works. Thank you to the artists who made the work above: Marika Moretti (top left,) Maureen Baker (top right,) Marlene Fudge (bottom right,) and Jill Fitzhenry. To see the full range of art that people have created, just type #flowersofhope into the search bar of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

Now more than ever, keep making, keep creating, and keep sharing your art with the world! We love seeing what you create with Dynasty brushes--be sure to use the #dynastybrush hashtag or tag our account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter when posting to social media!