Retailer Spotlight: Wildwood Art & Crafts in Woodside, South Australia

Occasionally we feature a retailer here on the blog. In this installment of Retailer Spotlight we would like you to meet Trish Ahmer, owner of Wildwood Art & Crafts in Woodside, South Australia. We asked her to tell us about herself, her work and her store and here is what she shared with us. Our questions appear in red, Trish's answers are in bold.

Wildwood Art & Crafts owner/artist, Trish Ahmer.
We'd like to start with learning more about you. How long have you been making art?
"...I have been an artist and teacher for at least the last 30 plus years. I am a Registered Nurse who has almost always been involved in art and music in some form. I did have a departure from Art for a few years early on when I learnt to fly and got involved with aviation quite seriously, and bought and flew a Tiger Moth airplane and loved doing lazy aerobatics. However I always found some time to immerse myself in art work and music."

What is your favorite subject to paint? What is your favorite medium to work in? 
"I started my painting with 'fine art' florals and landscapes and loved it...I have been interested in and playing with Mixed Media too in the last few years and enjoying the variety and use of materials that introduces to the mixSo I guess my favourite go to is Acrylics and Mixed Media with a growing interest in Watercolour techniques, especially now that I have such beautiful brushes to use."

What led you to open a store? Where is it located?  
Art by Trish Ahmer
"I had always wanted to have my own Art & Craft shop and the Adelaide Hills was just the place to do that so realized my dream and opened my shop in Woodside...The Adelaide Hills is a wonderful place to live and work, the pace is a little slower than the city and allows more creativity and a sense of freedom. We have some of the best wineries, and wonderful cheese producers nearby too so that helps! Until a few years ago we also had a 30 acre farm and bred Maremma dogs (livestock guardians), goats, cows and chickens." 

What sorts of things do you stock?
"My shop has grown with me over time and whilst we have a great range of gifts, home wares, soaps, jewelry, candles and the like the core of the business now is art supplies and along with a great range of Dynasty Brushes which is growing with each shipment, we have most of the DecoArt products in stock as well and I am wholesaling and retailing both at present...We have also increased our stocks of mixed media products as well such as stamps, stencils, markers, books, papercrafts, canvases, watercolour papers, watercolour paint and crayons, and more to come!"

Art by Trish Ahmer
More about Trish...
"Initially I had teachers come to my business to teach until one day one of my teachers told me I should be teaching. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend classes and seminars that have been really life changing for me. I spent a week painting with Russian Master painter Slava Letkov when he came to Australia after seeing his work in a magazine and wanting to know how to paint beautiful Russian trays, and that changed my view of traditional art...Slava also introduced me to handmade brushes as all the Russian Masters made their own brushes, and so began my search for the best of brushes for my business.

I trained with David Jansen to be a Traditions Artist and Teacher and attended many seminars with him in Australia where I learned so much more. I have been privileged to learn from some great Australian artists as well and have been able to attend seminars and conventions regularly over the years. Last year was the first time that I have formally taught at a convention interstate and I really enjoyed that experience."

Wildwood Art & Crafts is located at Shop 75 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Woodside, South Australia 5244. Can't make it to Australia? No problem! You can visit the store website--be sure to check back often as new items are being added. You can also follow the store on Facebook

Thank you so much to Trish Ahmer for taking the time to share details about herself and her store. All images here appear courtesy of the artist.