Are you a fan of our FAN-Dango brush?

In our last blog post, we asked readers to let us know what they wanted to see on the blog. Our first request comes from Barbara who follows us on Instagram

"What is Black Gold Dynasty brush 206FD used for?"

Black Gold 206FD is our patented FAN-Dango brush. Here is Dynasty Artist Jill "Jillybean" Fitzhenry with a quick video demonstration: 

The blended multi-tapered synthetic bristles splay out in such a way that the FAN-Dango is the perfect tool for creating a lot of fine, flowing paint lines at once. Our Black Gold line of brushes can be used with oils, acrylics, and watercolors. Don't be afraid to experiment! Play with your brushes to discover what kinds of marks they make with thin paint and thick paint, with light pressure and with heavier pressure. Thank you to Barbara for the question and thanks to Jill for sharing her skills with us.

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