Not Just Paint Brushes

One of the best parts about Dynasty Brush being on social media is being able to connect with artists as they create their art with our tools. Our brushes leave our factory and land in the hands of all sorts of painters, makers, designers and artisans. Every time you tag an image with the #dynastybrush hashtag, you let us follow your artistic journey.

It was on a recent Instagram post from an artist using Dynasty brushes that someone commented that our IPC line of brushes look like they could be make up brushes. 

Did you know that our parent company FM Brush also makes cosmetic brushes? It's true! The same fine craftsmanship and exceptional quality that you expect from Dynasty brand brushes can be found in FM Brush's Beauty Strokes NYC cosmetic brushes

Beauty Strokes NYC Streetwear 6 piece detail set
So the next time you are looking to treat yourself to some new make up brushes, be sure to check out all that Beauty Strokes NYC has to offer! 

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Curious about the varieties of Beauty Strokes NYC brushes to choose from? You can explore the whole collection here. 

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