New Year, New Practice: Try Art Journaling

Happy New Year! It is the time of year when we think of new beginnings: new health regimes, improving habits, resolving to be our best selves. Are you someone looking to squeeze more creative practice into your already packed schedule? You may want to try art journaling. 

Journaling has been on the rise in recent years. In the current era of constant phone-scrolling and screen time, sitting down to physically write out one's thoughts and intentions can be a welcomed change of pace. It requires very little time commitment and if you are looking to find more space in your life to make art, you can easily add art into your journaling practice. 

Art journaling is affordable and approachable. It can be done in a sketchbook or a notebook--no expensive equipment is necessary. You don't need a studio space or an easel and if your notebook is small enough, you can carry it with you and add to it whenever the urge strikes. The balance between text and visual creative elements is up to you. You can include paint, pen and ink, colored pencil, pastels, collage, stamping, or just sketching with a pencil. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out the work of Austin Kleon and Dynasty Artist Sandy McTier.