Scenic Fitch XL in Action!

Just last month I introduced you to one of our newest brushes--the Dynasty Scenic Fitch XL. It is just like our other line of scenic fitch brushes--made with strong, triple boiled white bristles secured into an oval ferrule on a kiln-dried white birch handle--with one BIG difference. The XL part of its name stands for eXtra Long handle!

Some of these brushes are already in the hands of professional and apprentice scenic artists alike. I thought I would share some photos of these brushes in the hands of the people who use them most. 

Scenic Artist Taryn Pasco, photo appears courtesy of Kristian Perry.

In the photo above, Taryn Pascoe, a Scenic Art Apprentice at Point Park University's Pittsburgh Playhouse, paints a piece of scenery for the show Pinkalicious: The Musical. Under direction from Scenic Charge Artist Kristian Perry, Taryn applies paint following the artist's rendering provided by scenic designer Tucker Topel. 

Because scenic artists paint on such a large scale, the extended wooden handle allows the painter to work at a comfortable distance away from the scenery while still maintaining control. If you stand too closely to the large unit you are painting, you risk getting caught up in details that won't be seen by the audience or working too "tight". That is not good for the art you are creating and it hinders productivity. The Dynasty Scenic Fitch XL provides space needed to give the artist perspective to see the big picture--literally!

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