Artist Spotlight: Craig Stanley

In this installment of Artist Spotlight, I'd like you introduce you to painter Craig Stanley. Not only is Craig a seasoned scenic artist for film and television, but he is also a podcaster, instructor, and entrepreneur. I asked Craig a series of questions and his responses are listed below. All photographs appear courtesy of the artist. 
Craig Stanley and a backdrop he painting for Brooks and Dunn in 2005,

Eagle abstract in studio (acrylic)

How long have you been an artist?
"I’ve been working at my artistry since I was 7, but I have been a professional artist since 1992.  In 1998 I started working in film production as a scenic artist."

Are you solely a painter or do you work in other media as well?
"As a scenic artist I use paint 95% of the time, but I have been known to use pastels and chalk to complete a few jobs."

Do you work in oil, acrylic, watercolor? Mixed media?"I work in all of these, but acrylic is probably the most versatile media I use."

Do you have favorite subject matter?"I have to say women would have to be my favorite subject to paint.  Women are beautiful, what can I say."
Gorilla in progress (acrylic)
Do you have favorite brushes or tools?"I have a large variety of surfaces I’m required to paint on so my tools of choice depends many times on that. I have been pleasantly surprised with and love the dynasty brush line. The Black Gold brush has been amazing to work with. I’ve used oils, acrylic, and gouche paints with these brushes and at the end of each day all the brush hairs lay back down perfectly like brand new. Very impressed! Then If I have to spray paint, hands down my weapon of choice would be the Anest /Iwata brand of airbrushes and spray guns.  I’ve been apart of the Iwata family since about 2001."

Faux painted brick, pipes, and concrete for the CW network (acrylic, Structo-lite)
What keeps you happy in the studio? "Music is everything to me in my studio!  I recently went to South Africa and I found a lot of amazing deejays there that play and mix a type of house music that now gets non stop rotation in my studio."How is your workspace set up? "My home studio/workspace is set up with waist height benches that line two of my 4 walls along with built in cabinets to store most of my paints. I also have a ventilation system installed to pull out any spray fumes, considering how often I use an airbrush to produce my work."

Do you have any advice for those who want to be professional artists?"Absolutely!  If you are still in grades K-12, take every free art class available to you, so you can learn the basics of art. Most of my life I have felt like I had to try harder to draw and paint as well as other artists around me. The artist that excels the most is the one who tries the hardest.  It’s not just about natural talent. If you don’t consistently practice, your natural abilities will subside. My advice is to draw everyday, those core skills will be used no matter what type of art you are creating. Continue to build on those core skills, never stop learning and applying what you learn. Never stop having fun."
Faux painted marble on set at Tyler Perry Studios (acrylic)

A little about me:
"Since 1998 I have had the pleasure to work in the Atlanta film industry, producing artwork for award winning T.V. shows, commercials, movies, music videos, and stage productions.  Currently my wife and I are also co-hosting a podcast together called This Miserable Job. It is dedicated to helping new and seasoned entrepreneurs to navigate this constantly changing business world, so that we can all be more successful at it.  My newest project is my online course called ”Hollywood Scenics”. I want to take my almost 20 yrs in this film industry and share these very quietly kept Hollywood secrets with the world.  This will be the only online course available (that I’m aware of) to not only train creatives to be scenic artists, but to actually show you how to break into the film industry and start receiving substantial income.  To find out how to become a Hollywood Scenic click here."

Craig Stanley working on  faux brick details on the set of the television show "Containment"
Additional photos of Craig's work:

"Pride" (oil) by Craig Stanley

Tyler Perry portrait 9" x 12" (acrylic)
"Joy" (acrylic) by Craig Stanley 
If you would like to check out more of Craig's work, you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For an extensive list of his film credits, you can find him on IMDB and be sure to check out his website at