Big Jobs Need Big Brushes: Introducing Scenic Fitch XL

If you read the last blog post, you may know that Dynasty is rolling out some new products. There is still a new line of brushes I have not told you about. They are sure to have a big impact.  

Emphasis on big

Perhaps you are familiar with our line of Scenic Fitch brushes. These large brushes are especially designed for large-scale work. The long handles provide more control and allow for the brushes to fit into an extension pole when necessary. Scenic artists in the theatre and entertainment industry use them to paint life-size scenery and backdrops. Often large scenic pieces and backdrops are painted on the floor. Instead of getting on their hands and knees, scenic artists put their brushes into bamboo poles so they can stand up while painting at floor level. (This is much better for the back and knees!) 

With comfort and ease of reach in mind, Dynasty Brush has released an additional line of Scenic Fitches with an extra long handle, aptly named Scenic Fitch XL.

When I received the email from our main office saying that this new product was coming out, I was excited but I still did not grasp just how extra these extra long brushes were going to be. I have been a scenic artist for 16 years, so I was looking forward to another tool for my colleagues and me to work with. I did not really understand the magnitude of these brushes until I was sent a set to try. 

When the box of brushes arrived at my door, I could not believe what I was seeing. These are some seriously big brushes!

My daughter is nearly four years old and these brushes are about 3/4 her size! 

Since I do not have a large scale painting project lined up right now, I have put some XL fitches in the hands of some scenic artists in my area. I am hoping that in a future blog post, I will have some excellent photos of these big beauties in action! Stay tuned!

For more info about both of our lines of Scenic Fitches, go here. To find out where to buy, go here