The Space Where You Create

In our last blog post we talked about inspiration, but in this entry we are exploring space--as in the space where you create. The environment in which you set up to do your work has a serious impact on your ability to get things done. So let's explore your what is in your work space!

Our Social Media Coordinator Lori shares a work in progress in her guest room studio.
What's in a name?:
What do you call the place where you paint? Is it the studio? Your workshop? The Room Where It Happens? I simply call my space my office.

Where is it?
Is your painting space? Do you paint at home in the basement? Have a workshop in the garage or shed in your yard? Do you rent a studio space in a warehouse downtown? Do you do all of your painting at a community center or a collaborative shared space? My "office" is in a the guest bedroom on the second floor of my Pittsburgh home.

What's in it?
How do you set up your space to enhance your productivity? What do you keep around you to help you create? Do you like a sparse environment or one that is full of lots of things you love? I have a big bookcase full of art books and supplies as well as fun knickknacks that I love. I hang lots of inspirational things on the walls: poems, posters, lots of art made by my kids, artwork given to me by friends. Besides an easel, I also have a desk and rolling chair. And since it is a guest room, I also have a bed in there which is where you are likely to find one of my kids or one of my cats hanging out if I am trying to get work done. They like to keep me company!

What's is the lighting like in your studio? Do you listen to podcasts? Light candles? Watch movies while you work? Paint to the sound of your own thoughts? My office has three windows and has the best natural light in the house which is why I love that space so much. I usually have to listen to something while I work. Sometimes it is music, sometimes it is NPR or a podcast. It really depends on my mood. But I definitely don't work in silence--I need some background noise.

Work Habits
Do you work at an easel? Standing up? Sitting down? At a desk? A drafting table? Do you pin your work up to the wall? Early bird? Night Owl? For large pieces, I prefer standing at an easel. For smaller work, I sit at my desk. And I definitely work best in the morning or afternoon. As soon as the light is gone, I'm done. I am not nearly as productive when it is dark outside.

I would LOVE hear all about where you paint and how your studios are set up! Please tell me all about it in the comments or over on our Facebook page.

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