Show Your Work

Every Wednesday on our social media channels--Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram--we have our weekly shout-out to see our you putting our brushes to work! I call it #showyourwork Wednesday. You can share photos of your painting and projects with us a few different ways.

On Facebook, come on over to the Dynasty Brush page and share a photo with us--either as a comment to our weekly #showyourwork post, or as a visitor post on our page.

On Twitter, share a photo with us by tweeting us @dynastybrush or adding #showyourwork or #dynastybrush to your tweet. I just may retweet your photo to all of our followers!

On Instagram, post a photo and tag us @dynastybrushes or add the hashtag #dynastybrush. We may repost your pic!

When you share a photo, please tell us what line of Dynasty brushes helped you create your masterpiece. And don't worry if you aren't quite done with your painting, yet--we LOVE to see your work in progress!

Don't be shy--let us know you're out there! Share a photo with us next Wednesday!

And as always, you can find more information about all of our brushes on the Dynasty Brush website.