Back to School: Buying Art Supplies That Last

I am the mother of two young children ages seven and three. My son is entering second grade this fall and we have just embarked on our yearly school shopping quest. With supply list in hand, we make our pilgrimage to the "Back To School" section of a local big box store to select all of the items he needs for the upcoming year. It's pretty easy now--he just needs, pencils, a notebook, some folders--basic elementary school things. As far as art supplies goes, he just needed a box of crayons. Easy-peasy.

I know even though school shopping is a breeze now, as time goes on his teachers will require more things. When college arrives we will be shelling out major cash on textbooks and dorm furnishings. And if he goes into the arts, we will be investing in art supplies.

The art bin I bought for my freshman year of college, still filled with tools from 1996.
Yes, I did say investing. In 1996, I entered college as a freshman majoring in Fine Art. I was floored when I saw the list of supplies each student was required to buy. My parents were too. And I wasn't alone--it seemed that my classmates felt the same way. Because we were 18 year old kids, we complained to our professors about the expense and the sheer amount of stuff we needed to purchase. All of my instructors told us the same thing: those supplies are an investment in your education and your future. Take good care of them and they will last you well into your career.

I am happy to say that I still have a good deal of my art supplies from that list I bought in August of 1996. If you buy quality tools and take good care of them, they will last a good, long time.  

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