Intro to Faux Finishing

Hi painter friends!

As a Scenic Artist, I have done a lot of faux finishing. A practice commonplace to decorative painters and scenic artists a like, faux finishing is a term used to describe any paint finish created to replicate another surface or material. Artists build various layers of color and texture to produce the illusion of wood, marble, stone and many other surfaces.

Oils, acrylics, stains, and specialty paints are all mediums that can be applied in faux finishing. A variety of tools can be employed to achieve the desired effect. Rags, wood grain rockers, feathers, sea sponges, rollers, and of course brushes, are just a few of the tools that can be used. These tools combined with paints of varying opacities, colors, and consistencies can fool the eye into thinking it is seeing something different from what is actually there!

Dynasty offers a variety of faux finishing brushes for your personal and professional decorative painting needs.

Our Flat Finger Grainers, Flat Grainers Extra Long, and Flat Wave are perfect for creating a faux wood look.

Dynasty Brush Flat Finger Grainer

Dynasty Brush Flat Grainer Extra Long

Dynasty Brush Flat Wave

Our Oval Sashes, Angle Bristle & Ox Blends, and Sable Synthetics are just what you need to create some stone or marble details, apply full-coverage glazes or even seal coats. 

These are just my suggestions—the possibilities are really endless. Get some to experiment with to find what works for you!