Dynasty's Scenic Fitch

Hello, Painters!

You may remember from my introduction last month that I told you a little bit about my career as a Scenic Artist for theatre. Scenic painters use many different kinds of tools to achieve the paint treatments desired by the Scenic Designer. One of the most traditional tools of the Scenic Artist trade is brush known as the Scenic Fitch.

3" Dynasty Scenic Fitch
The Dynasty Scenic Fitch is designed especially for very large scale canvas work and for theatrical scenic painting. Tailored to the needs of the working professional artist, our Scenic Fitch is made with strong triple boiled white bristles secured into an oval ferrule that is attached to an extra long white birch handle. The extra long handle makes it easy to insert the brush into an extension (often a bamboo pole) for ease of use standing up while working on big backdrops or large scenic units laying on the floor. Fitches can hold a lot of color and offer flexible control. The Dynasty Scenic Fitch can be used with scenic paints (vinyl acrylic, casein), acrylics, and oils.

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