Update and Introduction

Hello, Painters!

I am Lori, the new Social Media Coordinator for Dynasty Brush, a division of FM Brush Company. Karyn Meyer-Berthel, the previous voice of the Dynasty Brush blog, has moved on to spend more time painting and creating. It is an honor and a privilege to follow in Karyn's footsteps. I intend to continue what she started as well as introduce some new features both to blog and on Dynasty's social media platforms.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself: Born and raised in central New York state, I was a quiet kid who loved to draw. Both of my parents are artistic people and they always encouraged me to be creative. With their constant support as well as the guidance of a wonderful team of high school art teachers, I was able to win scholarships that allowed me to further my art education.

I earned an Associate degree in Fine Art and a BFA in Art and Design with a minor in Art History. Although I started painting in high school, I really connected with the process during my sophomore year in undergrad. Later in my college career I took an elective in the Theatre department, which introduced me to the world of scenic painting for the performing arts. I loved it because I was able to paint in a scale much larger than what would fit in my small, shared studio space. When my college Technical Director informed me that I had the potential for a career as a Scenic Artist, I laughed--I could not believe that someone could be paid to have that much fun painting! I started my first scenic painting apprenticeship two weeks after I graduated from college and I have been a professional Scenic Artist ever since.

What is a Scenic Artist? Simply put, a Scenic Artist paints and sculpts scenery for theatre, opera, dance, television, or film. I have spent my career working in regional theatre, opera and higher education. As a Scenic, you need to be able to paint in a variety of styles, meet deadlines under pressure, work collaboratively, and think outside the box. For one single production, you may be called upon to paint a large cloudy sky backdrop, create a faux hardwood floor, replicate vintage wallpaper, and carve a piece of foam to look like a marble statue--so the work is always different. A Scenic Artist is part fine artist, part decorative painter, part house painter, and some would say part magician since we are just some of the many who help make the magic of the entertainment industry.

When I am not painting for the stage, I am painting and drawing at home--working on small projects in acrylic and collage or doodling and painting with my two kids--and pursuing an MBA in Art and Entertainment Management. My family and I have lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for about six years and we really enjoy all of the art this community offers. 

I will updating the blog with new posts on the first and third Fridays of each month, so be on the look out for new content. You can also find me on the Dynasty Brush Facebook page and the Dynasty Brush Twitter account. I am very much looking forward to getting to know all of our readers and followers and seeing what you are creating with Dynasty Brushes!

Painting a sky drop for a Yale Repertory Theatre, 2004.
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