Paint Brush Highlights: Brushes for Heavy Body Paints

Interlock Bronze
Beau Blanc
With so many lines of painting brushes to choose from, how does an artist know which one to start with for a particular medium?  A while back, I created this post on best choice brushes for select paints of all types.  

Here, however, is a list of our best brushes for heavy body paints, either oil or acrylic.  Most people prefer natural bristle brushes for oil as they stand up well to pushing paint on a linen canvas and hold up to solvents.  But, our synthetic brushes are an alternative worth trying because they have been designed to hold up to rough canvas or solvents or heavy mediums.

Beau Blanc is our top of the line natural bristle brush, with interlocked boar bristle's designed to hold it's shape and a distinct line.

Interboro is also a natural bristle and has the benefit of coming in some alternative wave shapes for textural work like foliage or fur.

Interlock Bronze has long been one of my personal favorites, for most of my acrylic work because of the range in shapes and sizes and the perfection of the synthetic hair.  

Golden Stag is another synthetic line with a stiffer fiber and smooth hair, meant to take a load of paint.  It can push heavy body gels and work in brush strokes like no other.

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.