Happy New Year!

We close out 2015 with a big thanks to all of the amazing artists that work with our brushes, our artist representatives and demo artists, and to Splashes of Hope whom we are honored to support and who in turn honored Fred Mink as Man of the Year this past April.

Fred Mink, Jr.
Frederick v. Mink, Jr.
We also close out the year thankful for the work and dedication that Fred Mink gave to FM Brush, Inc., and the inspiration he continues to give through the ideas and traditions he brought to the company.  

Lastly, we close 2015 thanking you, the artists who support us through staying in touch online, at trade shows and through email.  Keep us posted on your artwork and share as much as you can with us in 2016; we look forward to your painting and meeting many more of you in the future.

Warm Regards and Happy New Year from all of us at FM Brush