Artist Spotlight: Cathy Weiss

Cathy Weiss, osprey
Two Elephants

Cathy Weiss, osprey
Osprey the Fishermen
Washington artist, Cathy Weiss has a strong, professional background in illustration and graphic design, having studied and graduated with honors from the Art Center College of Design in California.  But, her passion and heart have driven her north, to rural Washington and around the world to capture the design of nature.  Cathy's work reflects the wildlife she has experienced in person; the animals she portrays are those whose story she knows personally.  Her thoughtful subjects and soft brushwork have brought her paintings to the forefront of modern wildlife art.  

Cathy is just as careful about the materials she chooses for her work as the subject matter she seeks.  She has long been an advocate for environmental conservation, and that is how we met, through a discussion on better materials for our earth.  In her search for brushes, Cathy wanted tools that were not harmful to animals.

For Cathy's technique, she uses mostly rounds and flat brushes; larger, stiffer brushes for the block-ins and softer sables for the detail work.  Cathy has been looking for alternatives to natural hair and has found some compatible brushes in the Interlock Bronze line.  She thins her oils with a lot of medium and thinner for washes in the background, so she needs brushes that can stand up to solvents, hold their spring, and keep a sharp point, too.  Interlock Bronze is a great fit.  The Faux hair brush lines will give Cathy options, too, for natural hair feel without the side effects for her detail work.

Cathy's work is currently touring internationally in the Mandala Wildlife Arts Exhibition in Singapore and the show will travel to Dubai.  In January, her work will be in the 21st Annual Arts in Harmony 2016 International Show at Elk River Arts Alliance in Minnesota.  To keep up with Cathy's process, work and exhibitions, you can find her online:

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website..