Paint Brush Highlights: Urban FX

Joiners in 3 sizes
I can tell you all the technical specs you'd want to know about Urban FX, but there is nothing like trying them out for yourself.  I've used the joiners quite a bit, both in mural work and in my studio, and I love the sharp line and amount of fluid they can hold.  

This whole line of brushes, both the synthetic and the bristle lines are made specifically for mural artists, so they work ideally with scenic and mural paint -- a soft bodied acrylic or latex based paint.  They do hold quite a bit of fluid, though, so work well for glazing or take a beating on harder surfaces, like concrete.
Our patented shapes and edgers
The Urban FX line has long handles made of white birch, with a smooth rubberized coating for a non-slip grip and comfort in all conditions.  There are two lines of hair for painting on a range of surfaces and effects, including synthetic for smooth surfaces like metal and dry wall, and bristle for tough brick and concrete work.  Each line of hair comes in a range of sizes and shapes for unlimited variation.  I can't say enough how fun these brushes are and how well they hold up to a mural artists' needs.

Try it and let us know what you think.

Keep Painting, 

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