Artist Spotlight: Robyne Recca

Massachusetts artist, Robyne Recca recently completed a 40 foot long fence mural, sending us pictures along the way to let us know how her Black Gold brushes held up during the work, especially the liners she used to fill in graining.  With very little formal training, but a lot of determination, Robyne was inspired to create beauty in her yard with the memories of her late mother.  She is finishing up the last 8 foot tall panel and sealing the fence before cold weather season.  In the meantime, Robyne is currently working on an oil piece, and just returned from New England Traditions, where she reconnected with other instructors and painters.  Robyne most often works in acrylics and water soluble oils, both of which do quite well with Dynasty Black Gold.  

Robyne began teaching herself Calligraphy while raising a young toddler.  She created greeting cards with script and colored pencil.  The only class she took was a 5 hour class in oil painting, producing the boy in the snow painting, it was through this that she knew her potential.  Robyne went on to teach design and painting at local colleges and privately in her own studio, all of which she continues regularly.  You can find Robyne online at Facebook and her website:

Keep Painting, 

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