Paint Brush Highlights: Faux Sable

Faux Sable is more than a great all around paintbrush.  It is superior in its spring and ability to keep an edge, not to mention the full bodied tuft that holds loads of pigment and fluid.  This brush was designed to replicate the standard-grade Red Sable brush, and it will not disappoint.

All of our synthetic brushes are formulated, processed, and custom blended in-house.  And, we continue to search for and find synthetic solutions to natural hair. We create synthetic hair to mirror the qualities of their natural counterparts but remain cruelty-free.  

Since this brush is synthetic, it holds up to the wear of canvas and rough substrates without losing its crisp edge.  Imitating pure sable, this brush holds onto fluid and is sensitive to the painter's pressure and release.  It is delicate enough for watercolor and tough enough to withstand use as a wide glazing or varnish brush.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Keep Painting, 

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