Artist Spotlight: Pam Comeau

2=1, oil on canvas, 24" x 48"
4+1, oil on canvas, 20" x 24"
Montreal painter, Pam Comeau is part of the newly open 10th Annual Healing Power of Art Exhibition for Manhattan Arts International, an organization started and run by Renee Phillips.  "In different visual forms, styles and mediums, these artists create art as a catalyst to heal others, themselves, or to raise awareness and well-being in our society," explains Phillips.  

For several years, Dynasty Brush, Inc. has supported Manhattan Arts International as a sponsor for this particular exhibition.  This year, Dynasty Brush chose Pam Comeau for her thoughtful work in the exploration of healing.  Her painting takes healing to a whole new level as she explores emotional and spiritual healing through her work. Her art exhibits exquisite design and careful detail while bringing the viewer into the visceral world of the spiritual. Dynasty awards her thoughtful exploration of spiritual and emotional healing through her oil paintings.  

Comeau discovered Manhattan Arts International through an arts networking newsletter and found that the Healing Power of Art Exhibition qualifications perfectly described her All = 1 series-- how compassion heals emotional difficulties.  Her entry, 6=1 caught my attention right away.  Comeau's work visits emotional healing, setting her work apart.
6=1, oil on canvas, 27" x 45"

Mostly self-taught, Comeau creates figurative work with elements of animals, nature or objects for a metaphoric meaning.  Her work is thoughtfully designed with a grisaille underpainting and meticulous layers of oil glazes. In using oils, Comeau enjoys the lengthy drying time for changes and additions.  She uses mostly flats brushes, in a range of natural and synthetics, and only small rounds for detail work.  Comeau found oil paint through a thoughtful gift, something that came at the right time and the gratitude has stayed with her.  "I was very lucky because 22 years ago, when I first wanted to try oils, I was a single mom and money was a bit too tight to set myself up.  One day I was painting a design on a piece of furniture with regular house paint when a neighbor passed by and saw what I was doing, the next day, he came over with a box full of supplies that had been sitting untouched in the closet.  Brushes, canvas, a full box of oil paint and even an easel that the and his wife never used.  The first painting, a still life, was for them.  I will always be grateful," she shares.

The Healing Power of Art online exhibition opened April 30, 2015 and will run through June 30, 2015.  Currently, Comeau is spending her time in the studio creating a new body of work, but you can keep up with her exhibitions and see more in her gallery online.  You can also read more about her in an interview with Manhattan Arts International.  

Keep Painting, 

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