Paint Brush Highlights: Badger Flowing

badger flowing brush

Badgers are fierce animals, known for their ferocity in taking on almost anything, especially if they want to eat it, including poisonous snakes.  The softer side of a badger, however, is its fur.  Badger hair was primarily used in shaving brushes because of its water retention, and badger hair makes an excellent brush for applying varnish and shellac.  However, badgers are a protected species, and Dynasty prefers to respect the environment and further brush technology by mimicking animal hair via synthetics.

Our Badger Flowing brush is made with a proprietary bristle blend that looks and performs like real badger hair.  We call it "Badgerette".  These brushes are made without filler strips or plugs in the tuft, so they are solidly filled bristle.  And, they are cupped chiseled entirely by hand, which preserves the flagg tip and offers a beautiful working edge.  
badger flowing brush
Because of the chiseled edge, this brush prevents bubbles from forming in a varnish application.  So, these beauties are perfect for professional coats of varnish, shellac, lacquer on the finest paintings, or woodworking or even musical instruments.  These full, soft brushes are also ideal for faux finish work and even oil paint blending.  

The ferrule on this brush is what makes it so unique and gives it the name "flowing".  From the 1920's up to the mid 1960's, brushes were "cemented" with vulcanized rubber, to hold the bristles in the ferrule.  Although this worked well for some applications, the rubber was vulnerable to solvents and could damage the brush from both the handle end and the bristle end -- inside the ferrule.  So, metal ferrules were designed with a sealed backend.  This flowing ferrule was born and made more robust brushes.  Brushes now are cemented with epoxy so the flowing ferrule isn't needed.  However, we at Dynasty cherish tradition and we stand by our commitment to making the world a more beautiful place with our materials -- including our Badger Flowing Brush.

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