Paint Brush Highlights: Black Gold Specialty

Fandango, Hat Trick, Wave Angle, Butterfly Shader,
Wave Filbert & Fountain
Black Gold.  The top of our top shelf brushes.  This brush line has a proprietary synthetic filament for its supple tuft to make it a world class brush, versatile for a range of paint mediums.  Even the special shape brushes have the same kiln dried lacquered white birch handles with black chrome plated ferrules that are the icon of the line.  

Black Gold short handled brushes come in about every size and shape you can imagine.  With over 30 shapes, including a mini series, quills and several versions of the Wave brush, any artist can find the brush that is right for them.  There are numerous national and international patents on the specialty shapes making Dynasty Black Gold more versatile than any other artist brush line.

Since many of these brush shapes are unique, you may want to see them demonstrated to get some creativity flowing.  For videos on working with the specialty shapes, you can find demos on our YouTube channel with Jill Fitzhenry, Tracy Moreau and Miguel Ricon.

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.