Artist Spotlight: Melynda Van Zee

"About 10 years ago when I was writing my first art book, Tammy Browning-Smith connected me with Dynasty during CHA and Dynasty graciously sent me some brushes to experiment with. I've been using those brushes ever since." ~Melynda Van Zee

Melynda Van Zee
Resonance, 40" X 30"

Iowa artist, Melynda Van Zee knew she was an artist at a very young age.  Like many professional artists, she has fond memories of her first times at the easel.  "I do remember my love of painting in Kindergarten. . . the excitement I felt when my name finally appeared on the black chalkboard written under the heading of "ART", meaning I could spend recess at the art easel," she shares.  It was this excitement for art that pushed Melynda to continue drawing and painting throughout school and into adulthood.

Germination 48" x 36"
Throughout her art journey, Melynda has taken the time to get to know art materials and various mediums, and with teaching art, she has learned and experimented with a multitude of paints, drawing materials and craft supplies.  The experience has given her a deep understanding of the range of quality in materials and the need to use the best quality for the best results, as well as an appreciation for which materials would suit her fine art. Melynda explains further, "The thing is with having taught art for so many years in so many different contexts, I've experimented and used art supplies at all ranges of the quality and price spectrum.  I know the challenges and the limitations of materials that are not of the highest quality.  When I do my own work, I want the piece to sing.  I want it to flow out of me.  I want the experience to be pleasurable.  I want to see colors and lines that sparkle with life so choice of materials is an important part of my process of creating.  I am a firm believer in using the highest quality art materials in my personal work.  Professional quality artist paints have rich pigment loads resulting in the vibrant colors I love.  I think investing in quality brushes is money well spent -- your strokes are strong and crisp when you have a good brush and the brushes last for such a long time, even with hard use.  Most of the Dynasty Black Gold brushes I currently use, I have had for over ten years."  

Portal, 20"x 20"
As an art teacher, Melynda has enjoyed everything in art from scrapbooking, stenciling and mural work to fine art.  In the process, she wrote a book, "Painted Scrapbook Pages" which was the very beginning of Melynda's colorful technique of blending and expression.  As she experimented, her work gradually became larger, and she moved to acrylics for their versatility and brilliance.  "I believe in the process of experimenting and playing with paint, texture, line, movement and color.  Setting aside specific time slots and giving myself permission to experiment and play helped me to grow into my style and develop a body of my own fine art work," she explains.

Melinda regularly shows her work at art fairs and group shows.  You can keep up with her exhibition schedule by following her website and Facebook Page, or find her on Twitter.  

Keep Painting, 

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