Splashes of Hope Annual Dinner Honoree: Fred Mink!

Fred Mink
Save the date for April 30, 2015 and purchase tickets now for the Splashes of Hope Annual Dinner Dance Fundraiser.  FM Brush has been a long time supporter and friend of Splashes of Hope and this year, we are proud to share that our own Fred Mink is going to be the Man of the Year.

Splashes of Hope, located in Huntington, New York, is an organization dedicated to creating art to transform spaces, enrich environments and facilitate healing with their custom-designed murals and other artistic projects that bring smiles to the faces of patients, staff and visitors of healthcare facilities including hospitals, veterans facilities, and child care centers worldwide.  Splashes of Hope is honoring Fred Mink, President and CEO of FM Brush, as their 2015 Man of the Year.  Fred has worked tirelessly with the wonderful artists at Splashes who create these wonderful mural to foster a more conducive healing environment.

Details of the event can be found on the Splashes of Hope website.

Keep Painting, 

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