Brush Sizing: Know the brushes you're buying

When it comes to shopping for a good quality art material, research pays off -- to compare brands and know a little about the market.  This is true in paint brush sizes and in types of hair used, to purchase the best brush for the money.

Both brushes are labeled 16
Not all brushes are built alike, and this is true especially when it comes to brush sizes.  Companies size differently, depending on where they are manufactured, types of hair and even shapes.  Check out this earlier post on Brush Sizes to get more details:  Paint Brush Size.

For example, Dynasty has built their Series 187 brush sizing on Winsor Newton's Series 7 Kolinsky Sable series, which is the accepted Kolinsky sizing platform worldwide. We have remained consistent on the sizing over the years, not undersizing to lure the customer with an attractive price.  Even though we provide our retailers with measurements on the brushes we sell so they can display and market accurately, it pays to check specifications carefully, especially if you're ordering online. The brush hair length and ferrule size is of utmost importance, but handle sizing and structure as well as crimping are also to be noted.  

Take a look at the images below and you can see some large discrepancies in sizing.  

These are both hog bristle, labeled as brights.  However, one is sized as a 2 and the other an 8.

These are both synthetic rounds, both sized as a 16, fairly compatible.  However, notice the handle length   Dynasty sizes handles with the Albata length,   (Note the beauty of the point on the top brush, Faux Kolinsky.)

If you have further questions about sizing, just ask us or head to your local art material store and check out the brush displays.  

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.