Philadelphia Watercolor Society takes on Orange Ice

Donald Leong in process
PWCS workshop participants
Sarah Yeoman with her Orange Ice
PWCS workshop
"The Philadelphia Watercolor Society was thrilled to distribute brushes to everyone attending their 1st annual workshop. The workshop was held at the PWCS 114th Anniversary International Exhibit at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. Being our first workshop, PWCS is extremely grateful to Dynasty Brush for helping us encourage registration by giving away brushes to our all of our attendees!

Dynasty generous sent us a box of the Orange Ice synthetic brushes, in their largest size – the #24 round. They choose this brush to send us after perusing the website of the workshop instructor, Sarah Yeoman, and watching her YouTube videos of her paintings. According to her materials list, Sarah prefers working with large round brushes, making this brush a perfect accompaniment to her lessons.  

The Orange Ice holds it’s shape and maintains a fine point while holding extremely large quantity of water, and is an ideal brush for watercolor painting. The synthetic bristles are soft and yet it has wonderful spring, closely mimicking the performance of natural Kolinsky brushes.  The brush is primarily marketed for use with acrylic paints, but it really out performs when used with watercolors. The fine point allows for precise paintings of details, and the large capacity of the body holds a large reservoir of fluid. This makes the brush perfect for all types of watercolor painting, and allows for easy transitions for artists painting either loose or tight.  

Everyone loved their new brush from Dynasty, and could hardly wait to start painting with it.  Our workshop was quite a success, and our participants were thrilled to come away from it with a marvelous free gift in addition to the wonderful instruction.

Thank you so much for giving us these wonderful brushes to hand out at our workshop." (Our pleasure, Annie & PWCS members!)

Artfully yours,
Annie Strack
Vice-President Philadelphia Watercolor Society