New Retailer Cheap Joe's is now offering Dynasty Brushes!!

Welcome to our Dynasty Brush Family Cheap Joe's!

One of our long time friends and one of the most respected art material dealers and art resources in the country is now carrying the Dynasty Brush lines in their stores in Boone and Charlotte, North Carolina.  Cheap Joe's has been a leader in the art material industry with a huge selection of supplies as well as instructional resources for artists, now including a blog, workshops and a well stocked YouTube channel.  

Cheap Joe's will be carrying Black Steel, Faux Squirrel, Interlocked Bronze, Black Silver and Micron lines in their stores.  Take a trip to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and stop at Cheap Joe's to find your favorite brushes, or call and sign up to receive their catalogue.  Cheap Joe's ships internationally, too!

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.