"Celebrate the Healing Power of Art" Finalist: Elaine Kurie

"The mission of Manhattan Arts International is to promote artistic excellence in all styles and mediums. Since 1999 it has been responsible for promoting thousands of artists from around the world in its online exhibitions." ~Renee Phillips, director of Manhattan Arts International

Green Apple, 30" x 40", oil on canvas
The most recent online exhibition for Manhattan Arts is the "Celebrate the Healing Power of Art" juried exhibition that is open now running through July 17th.  As a sponsor and award donor for the event, Dynasty chose a winner for the Dynasty Brush award to receive a set of fine, high quality brushes.  Elaine Kurie's piece, Green Apple, embodied the entire show with its serene layout and impeccable rendering.  

In fact, all of Elaine Kurie's work is designed with thoughts in mind to portray harmony, simplicity, light and peacefulness.  She explains further, "I paint with the intention that my art will convey a quiet stillness and offer us a place of rest and renewal. I’m also a medical artist and I think that the beauty, logic, and order that I see in anatomy and physiology is reflected in the balance and order of my still life set-ups."  Elaine continues, "I have always been drawn to paintings that expressed a sense of tranquility and calm; qualities that were associated with the landscape painters of the Luminism style of painting known for their clarity of light.  Other influences have been the powerful portrait paintings by Ingres, Velasquez, Vermeer, and more recently, the still life paintings of Claudio Bravo."  With careful planning and thoughtfulness, Elaine sets up her still-lifes to reflect the simplicity and purity she has in mind.  In turn, her serene painting was an evident choice as a winner in the "Celebrate the Healing Power of Art" exhibition for the Dynasty Brush Award.

Congrats Elaine!

Keep Painting,
Karyn Meyer-Berthel

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