Paint Brush Highlights: Urban FX

The Urban FX line.  

So far you've had a glimpse at their opening last year from NAMTA and a glimpse at the artist, Andres Hurtado, using the brushes, but I have shared little about the full line and how they work.

As you can see, there are several types of hairs and tuft shapes in the line.  The bristle set has three sizes of floaters, soft rounded shape tufts; and three sizes of joiners, or full bodied flats much like scenic fitches; and then also three sizes of edgers, or angle brushes.  The synthetic brushes consist of three sizes of rounds and six specialty shapes, a blend of synthetic hair meant for durability.

Speciality Shapes
The Urban FX line was created for muralists, either indoor or outdoor, or for speciality painting in large format.  Jill Fitzhenry demonstrates the line on stone painting here, and Andre Hurtado demonstrates an indoor mural using the full line here.  Urban FX can also be used for scenic artists, oil painters or anyone needing to work with heavy bodied paints.  

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