New Brushes announced at Creativeworld!!

Really great news to share:  there are new brushes being debuted at Creativeworld in Frankfurt this week!  If you're at the show, stop by our booth at 4.1 J31 and take a peek!
Black Steel

First, the Black Steel.  This brush is created specifically for acrylic and oil heavy bodied paint.  It is a very strong synthetic blend of hair, interlocked by our propriety process, and these brushes are completely made by hand by our master brush makers with 20 + years of experience.  The ferrules are black chrome, triple bonded to the non-reflective, precision balanced handles.  Completely suitable for outdoor use, plein air work or even murals.  The line includes several shapes and sizes, including the Patented Wave shape.  This brush is an affordable alternative to natural bristle.  I will certainly share more information with you once I get to try my hand with them.
Faux Kolinsky new shapes

Secondly, we're bringing along a range of new shapes to the Faux Kolinsky line.  This is huge for those of you that love these brushes.  So far, they have only been in rounds, but now there are ovals, liners, flats and spotters.  Since these brushes are ideal for water media like gouache and egg tempera, these new shapes will bring more variety to the studio.  There are a range of sizes in these new shapes, too, so look out for these coming to retailers soon!  

I will keep you posted on when and where they are available.

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.