Paint Brush Highlights: Mastadon

For a whole different set of reasons, the Mastadon line is my new favorite.  

The Mastodon line was named for the elephant to pay tribute to the animal that has such importance in Northern Thailand where FM Thailand is located.  That's also why we are donating part of the profits from this brush to the Friends of the Asian Elephant, an organization dedicated to promoting conservation for elephants and providing treatments, rehabilitation and rescue for sick, injured and maltreated elephants.  Led by Soraida Salwala, the organization's mission is to help and cure elephants which are injured or suffering from disease and illness.  At the FAE hospital they receive the most professional and dignified treatment.  Since its inception, they have treated over 2000 cases. 

The Mastodon brush line is made from a strong extra durable blend of synthetic, unique to Dynasty/FM and blended by us in our FM Thailand factory.  The feel and and strength is most similar to the Interlock Bronze line, but it is a different blend.  The brush features matte gold seamless ferrules and clear acrylic short handles.  It works quite well with fluid acrylics and tempera and would be an ideal classroom brush.  These brushes are made to take abuse and still perform as needed as they hold their shape incredibly well.  If you're the type of artist who is wanting to branch out and try other brush shapes, this is the ideal way to start.  These brushes come in a huge range of shapes, many that are patented to FM Brush alone.  Take some out for a test drive and supper the Friends of the Asian Elephant while you're at it.

Take a glimpse below at the work FAE accomplishes helping elephant victims of land mines.

Keep Painting,

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.