Alvin & Company, Inc. joining us

We are proud to announce that Alvin & Company, Inc.  is now a distributor carrying our brushes, so that more retailers across the nation can supply artists with the highest quality brushes for their artwork.  Alvin is a wholesale distributor with principal offices in Connecticut.  Like other distributors, they do not sell directly to the consumer, but rather they purchase from key manufacturers around the country and world and offer those products to retailers.  The benefit to the retailer is that they save time and administrative work and costs being able to purchase from one place rather than making multiple orders.

Alvin started during WWII while Alvin Shoham was serving overseas in the military.  He was impressed with the quality and preceision of the tools manufactured in Germany and started sending writing and drafting instruments home to his brother, who then in turn sold them in the United States.  When Alvin returned stateside in 1950, the German vendor relationships continued and Alvin & Company, Inc. was established.  Alvin strives to serve the needs of the design and creative art retailer.  

You might recognize the name Alvin quite easily on some drafting supplies; they are known for the quality of their drafting tools, but they have reached into craft & hobby, graphic arts, fine arts, college bookstores, and stationers.  They also have several of their own brands, including Alvin, Heritage, Prestige and Blue Hills Studio that are sold nationwide including Puerto Rico and into Canada.

Alvin is already carrying our brushes in their 2013 catalogue and on their website; retailers will need an account to place orders on the B2B website.  

Thank you Alvin; we look forward to doing business with you!

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.