Paint Brush Highlights: Symmetry

Symmetry handle
"Symmetry" comes with many things in mind; this brush is named for the balance and harmony it will bring to your art.  

The handle is constructed to reduce painting fatigue with a large diameter handle at the end to bring counter balance.  The unique shape is in a long handled brush, available in four series for different  mediums.  There are both synthetic and natural hair choices, most of which are suitable for acrylic and oils.  The red sable could even be used for watercolor, and I'm thinking plein air work with that comfy long handle.  

Each series is available in rounds, brights and filberts in three standard sizes.  

Red Sable Symmetry up close
I tried out the Symmetry this week on some light watercolor work.  I was amazed with the sable's softness and body.  My favorite feature, though, was the brush's ability to remove paint so easily and bring back the white of the paper.  I found the blending wet on wet superior to other brushes I have used because of the "springiness".  

Yet another fabulous brush from Dynasty, pick up one at an online dealer when you can.  

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.