Paint Brush Highlights: Orange Ice

Orange Ice brushes are aptly named for their cool creamy colored tuft and soft orange handle.  They come in a range of round sizes and feel comfortable, solid and smooth in the hand.

Since these brushes are produced in larger round sizes, they are great for specific types of decorative work, like mural painting and faux finish blending, but they are also great for the large scale modern artist.  I find that with these brushes, the synthetic tufts are springy enough to hold my heavy bodied acrylics well, even mixing in mediums.  The fibers are similar to the faux squirrel or faux sable brushes, so they are suitable for paints with body but are also wonderful for watercolor.  They can hold a large quantity of fluid for a watercolor artist, especially the extra large rounds.   

If you're looking for a brush that has a softer price range, but durable for the wear and tear of heavy painting, blending and washes, then look no further.

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.