Creative Painting

Creative Painting has started!  This week in Las Vegas, the Creative Painting Convention and show opened and will run through the end of the week.  Creative Painting brings together fine artists, decorative artists and all types of painting media for a full week of classes and art material demos. 
Jill Fitzhenry

FM Brush is going to be there all week with several artists working at the expo booth and several other artists running their own workshops.   

Jill Fitzhenry will both be at the FM booth, demonstrating Black Gold brushes and their talent as decorative artists.  Jill, or Jillybean, has been drawing all her life, and her love of painting is evident in her workshops.  She makes painting accessible and enjoyable to all skill levels.  

Glenice Moore is a gifted wildlife artist who is running a booth of her own at the show.  Besides her own painting and teaching, Glenice has an international reputation for working with the Diane Fossey Foundation for the awareness of the people and gorillas in the Congo.

Glenice Moore
Bill Bayer is also a fan and user of Dynasty Brushes and will be running his own booth this week.  Bill studied with Bob Ross and became a certified instructor in his teaching, leading him to his own style of painting and a number of instructional painting DVDs. 

Tracy Moreau is another Dynasty Artist who will be working in Mary Owens Booth. Tracy has recently been featured in Interactive Artist Magazine with a project on silk painting. As well as her decorative painting work, Tracy does faux finish and interior work.  She has several DVDs and books out on her techniques.

Tracy Moreau
As you can see, the skill and instructional value of this group of artists is unmatched, and they will all be at Creative Painting this year -- this week!! 

To see a video of last year's highlights, click on the link below:
Creative Painting 2012

There are numerous Dynasty Artists on our website, with bios, galleries, videos and downloadable projects.   These artists are experienced in the Dynasty Brush line and especially the patented Black Gold brushes.  They are an excellent resource for understanding the technique and ease of using these brushes. If you're able to drop by their booths this week, all the better.  If not, you can reach them through our website or the links to their work in this post!

Keep Painting,

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.