Paint Brush Highlights: Interboro

Interboro.  Long handled, fine white natural bristles with long natural flags built with interlock construction in a seamless nickel plated ferrule.  Ideal for heavy bodied paints, oils, acrylics and alkyds.  It comes in rounds, filberts, flats, brights, fans and the angle wave, which is perfect for the texture in landscapes that Joe Gyurcsak mentioned in the last post.  

I have found the Interboro to be stiffer than the Beau Blanc, yet just as springy, so it moves and pushes the paint on the surface quite well.  These brushes are also quite good at mixing paint and holding their shape and sharp edges.  The handle is a smooth glossy finish with a comfortable feel for long painting sessions.  

If you're using Interboro for your fine art, let us know.  We would love to feature your work on our blog!

Keep Painting, 

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