Cosmetic Brushes versus Artist Brushes

There seems to be a new trend cropping up in finding good cosmetic brushes -- shop at an art supply store.  It is true that one can find superior quality cosmetic brushes in the art stores, because many art brushes are made by the same manufacturers who make cosmetic brushes.  For example, FM Brush Company, Inc., Dynasty's parent company, also creates the brushes for Beauty Strokes.  Since brushes of this high quality hair type and fine use are similar to manufacture, it only makes sense.  So the question is, can one interchange the brushes?

Paint Brush or Cosmetic Brush?
Cosmetic brushes are often made with goat hair, soft black mops that hold light pigment and mica powders for easy application.  There are plenty of filbert shaped contour brushes and foundation brushes as well, often made from synthetics or even Kolinsky sable hair.  The brushes will likely have very different handles than what is sold in the art stores, but the tufts will be very similar, if not the same in shapes and hair quality. Sizes will vary in each.  Large mops and small filberts work well for cosmetics, as well as some very different shapes and ovals for foundations, blending, etc.  Artists have different needs for their applications, so the size differences make sense based on the type of art.

Large Mop Dynasty Brush
Whether the brushes are completely interchangeable is up to each individual.  Applying makeup is another art in itself and each artist needs to choose what works best for him or her; however, it is good to have options whether you're shopping at an art supply store or at the cosmetic counter. 

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.