Artist Resources: Online Galleries

As the year draws to a close, many of you might be considering how to do better in sales next year, setting up organizational sites, online galleries and finding opportunities to list your art that you didn't know about before.  So here, I'm compiling a list of online galleries for just that purpose.  Once again, this list is not comprehensive (yet), so if you know of other galleries, please share and I'll add them here.

Gallery sites -- May or may not have avenues to sell:
  • FASO -- An easy way to build a website of your portfolio with free access to art marketing advice. There are levels of features depending on how much you want to invest.
  • EBSQ -- A network for self-representing artists to teach and exhibit.  
  • Axis -- For UK contemporary art, showcases artists to watch
  • Deviant Art -- The largest online forum for artists to share art, connect with others and build a free portfolio
  • BeHance -- A network for to showcase and announce their work
  • Society6 -- Place to view and purchase copies of art, Artists can sell work without losing their copyright.
  • Artst -- Place to meet & share work
  • Folioplanet -- An illustrator network to share work and create a gallery
  • AOI Portfolios -- Place to find an commission an illustrator, share work and build a gallery
  • InkyGoodness -- showcase for illustrators and character design
  • Altpick -- Showcase for the commercial art industry artists to display art
  • Design Taxi -- Network for inspiration, artists and buyers
  • Glossom -- Place to curate and share work for promotion 
  • Local Art Scenes -- Art communities promoting their artists
Online Galleries -- 
  • ETSY -- Everything thing is there to create an online gallery and sell. 
  • Fine Art America -- A professional network for artists, galleries and collectors.  A place to build a gallery, sell directly, link to other social networks and sell accessories and prints. 
  • Zatista -- A fine art gallery to sell and promote one's work to collectors, designers and galleries.  There is a 30% commission for them. 
  • Saatchi -- An online gallery for selling originals and prints based out of the Saatchi Gallery in London.  There is a 30% commission to them.
  • New Blood Art -- Reputable gallery with an invitation to show on the site
  • Gallery -- Painting gallery selling only originals
  • Folksy -- A UK company for selling crafts and art
  • Artulis -- For selling modern and vintage art in the UK
  • -- Similar Artulis for selling and showing art and craft
  • ArtsyHome -- Similar Artulis for selling and showing art and craft
  • 5pieces Gallery -- A full gallery online, exhibiting solo and group shows online and selling as well as consulting artists
  • Portraity -- Gallery for selling focused on portraiture in all media
  • Phoenix Art Gallery -- UK based online gallery for prints, sculpture and originals
  • State of the Heart -- Gallery based out of South Africa, shipping worldwide
Social Networks for Artists --
  • Leap Direct -- A place to build a website or online portfolio and communicate with other artists.  A social network for fine artists. 
  • Body of Art -- a free website to share and exhibit art online as well as lists of resources for finding galleries, studio space and competitions.  Collectors can contact artists directly through the message system to purchase works.   
  • Blue Canvas -- A place to share your art and connect with other artists, online forums, galleries, events, classifieds with a quarterly magazine.  Buyers can contact artists through the system, prices can be listed on work, but no sales go through the site.
Thank you to Artonomy for their resources and guides.

What other online galleries do you use?

Keep Painting,

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