Artist Resources: Color Guides

Last week I had an artist contact me about mixing color.  The question prompted me to look more closely at the online resources for artists around mixing color, and I thought that putting together a list would be an ideal post for this blog.  

This is not yet comprehensive.  I'm still collecting resources, so if you know of one that needs to be listed, please let me know so that I can add it.  

Color Theory
  • Munsell Color:  Munsell is likely the leading expert on communicating color and color theory.  The site is filled with tools and guides explaining color.  Thorough and technical explanations on how to mix color for an artist:  Mixing Paint
  • Handprint:  Thorough explanations of color theory, color in design, color temperature and the color basics.
  • Gamblin Color:  Robert Gamblin's Navigating Color Space color theory.  An excellent tool and video for artists to get started in mixing color. 
  • Amien Forum Articles Amien is a website dedicated to helping artists understand art materials.  Contains two articles, one on color theory and the other on understanding color.  
  • Kremer Pigments Blog:  Technical article on primary color and color theory. 
  • Pigment Definitions:  Very complete resource for identifying pigments in paint hues along with chemical composition, CI name and number and historical name. 
  • Pigment Chart:  A catalogue of pigments, showing properties, historical notes and images.
Understanding Color Mixing

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